Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Working Environment

In life there are many milestones. A few being primary graduation, getting through high school, a job, falling in love and getting married, getting kids and then grand kids and so on and so forth. Each milestone is special in its own right. I bet majority of the people would say between after high school and then getting a job was their best days ever. They best times. But unfortunately for me I feel like it couldn't be further from the truth. You go tell your parents how much work sucks and they probably will brush it off saying you just have to learn to adapt and interact with different types of people. Well let me just shout out to all you seniors out there “those days are well gone and dusted “. If you thought that it was in school that people would talk behind your back, then you got another thing coming. The people are just in tolerable. The so called cream of cream is so narrow minded that they are not open to others opinions. The assumption is, what they say is the law and that’s just how it is. If you oppose them once, oh let the harassing begin. They is absolutely nothing they won’t criticize about, not that they weren’t doing it already but now they will take it to just immature levels. So all you can really do is buckle your belt, lower your gaze, take one big breath, suck it all in, shut your mouth and most importantly Trust No one!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The climb

We are all competitive people. In fact you can look at your whole life as a competition. A tournament. A conquest. Trying to be better than the other. To fend off the competition and trying to come off on top. Anyway you look at it, we are all trying to succeed. We are all trying to win. We are all trying to climb on to the top off the mountain. To see the edge of the world. We take a picture to remember that over whelming moment of relief and joy. And then you find another higher mountain to climb. A much tougher challenge. Along the way you face hard times. Times you just wanna give up. Times you ask yourself what the hell am i doing? Funny that we don’t take pictures along that harsh road that leads us to the top of the mountain. May be it’s because who really wants to remember that. The relentless climb. The pain and anguish of taking it to the next level. Nobody takes pictures of that. Nobody wants to remember that. We just want to remember the moment at the top of the mountain. The breath taking view at the top. And that’s what keeps us climbing. That’s worth all the pain and suffering. And that’s the crazy part = )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A search

In the time we spend in this world. We meet different types of people. Some who think they are different. Some who are really different. And some who’s just not that different from the rest. In one point in our lives we crave to be normal. Well at least some of us. But then they are the people who strive to set them apart from the rest. Perhaps some would say not in a good way. It was a few years back I met this individual. He dared to be different. He craved to be one in a million. Shall we rewind on to the future ? It was some days back i was reunited with that person. And I must say I was in a state of shock. He had changed so much. That little whimpy kid who always saw the brighter side of life in dark dark times. The one who had hope when no one had faith. Lets just say he had taken a very sharp left turn. The way he looked at the world. The glare in his eyes. His aura was simply frightening. The once hopeful boy had nothing but hate and despair in his eyes. His impression of the world was that is a "battlefield". An ever lasting war where their can be no winner. Only prisoners. Nevertheless he vaguely told me his side of the story. I must say, some things he said did make sense and were valid. Then I thought to myself ? How did this happen to us ? How did it find us ? This cruelty. This hatred. Did it sneak into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it ? How did we loose our way ? The way we send our young kids to school is the same as sending our young men to war, hoping for their safe return. As he left to where ever he was going, he turned around and looked at me. And he said to me, " Nothing is certain in life. Other than death nothing is certain in lives. But for me there is one thing that is certain. In life, there are moments that take us to another place. Moments that are heaven on earth." He put a little smirk on his face, turned around and started walking. So i said to myself. "There is still hope for those who dare to be different."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nike - The shoes

Ok heres the thing. None of you probably gives a shit about all this but the fact is, i am just a huge fan of nike. I mean i find their products and especially their sportswear line to be very appealing. And in my mind i just think nike is the king of all brands. So i been trying to get these really awesome shoes for like months now. There is only one of it available and with only one size and that being my perfect size. Its practically calling me to buy it right now. So when i finally got enough cash to buy it, i have people telling me its too expensive for at me at the moment and that there are more important things to do. I know its expensive and all but i really really wanted it. Anyways i decided not to buy it. I still like it alot but guess i just cant. So yeah non of you may give a crap but just had to say what u felt ! ! !

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Devils

Hi. I am just here to let out some stuff. Firstly, Chelsea won the premier league. But I don’t think they deserve it. I truly do not believe that the best team won in the end. People say they achieved the perfect record with the big four clubs. But that is nonsense. In both games they played against Man united they had goals handed over to them by the officials. In both the matches they scored offside goals which led to Man united’s downfall. Not to mention the Liverpool game in Anfield. Liverpool never wanted to win in the first place because of their selfish reasons. Steven Gerrard their so called captain fantastic gave them the breakthrough goal. Its not only that. People keep forgetting Man united lost the best player in the world to Real Madrid. They also lost Tevez. Not to mention that one month or so they went without their whole back four and their were several times were their number one goal keeper was out injured. And the reserve goal keeper made so mistake that was the cause for Man united conceding goals. Man united had a less star-studded squad. They had limited amount of funds to buy players due to the financial crisis, unlike Chelsea who had plenty at their disposal. There is also the other issue of opponests being too soft again Chelsea and all that shit. Man united’s squad performed. They were more than ordinary players. They fought to the very end. They made Chelsea sweat and bite their own finger nails till their was nothing left to bite. But as I said before the record books will only show that Chelsea won the title. It wont mention the gifts handed over to them and the difficulties Man united had to endure. But the red devils are the champions in my eyes. Lets see you defend the title 3 times in a row like we did. That is very unlikely. Because the next time you visit the theater of dreams. We will tear you apart. And our will make your worst dreams come true.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Greetings new year. It sure has been a long while. Sigh and what a roller coster ride it has been. Through all the good times. And the not so good times. Makes a guy think. Perhaps too much. Last holiday I got to go see someone special. Wasn’t easy but I made it. Words cant describe the whole experience. It was something magical. Like those we read out of story books and fairy tales.After 18 years I may have reached my limit. All the obstacles and challenges I faced. Now I just don’t think I have it in me anymore. God knows how close I been to falling over the edge. But with some great help I have to realise that I am still here. Down on the ground. But still not yet out. So I decided that I should try to get back on my feet. You know, roll the dice and give it one last shot. This year will potentially determine the rest of my live. This will be my one last and final attempt at glory.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The story of a failure

Once upon a time there lived a guy. Being curious was among the bad habits he had. Always thinking bigger than his age. He had dreams.. Big big dreams. And was desperately seeking greatness. Pffft… Obviously something a mere normal person is incapable of achieving. Perhaps it was the fact that every time he took one step forward, then he would take two steps back. So don’t be misled about the “Once upon a time” line. This is not one of those classic fairy tales. And certainly not a tale with a very happy ending.

So here is all that went down.. Without the little details every one forgets as time goes by. The guy was living a lie. To think he would do great things is a joke. He was stupid enough to fight his miserable fate. In the end got beat up like a rabid dog. Whilst everyone else moved on with there lives… See didn’t I tell you.. This story doesn’t have a happy ending.. No.. Not even close….